Agency® is a company specialized in all services regarding properties. With our wide range of offered services we try to "round up" the package regarding property rent or sale/purchase in Macedonia. This process doesn’t finish with the execution of the sales contract, but continues.

Along with the standard rent/sale procedure, i.e. mediation in rent/sales, we offer our clients a comprehensive choice of services – from establishing a company under Macedonian corporate law, legal advice and services, civil engineering advise for off plan construction or for renovation projects, as well as maintenance and management of properties.


Agency® will be the mediator for lease, purchase, sales, of exchange of properties between the buyer or a client searching for properties, i.e. the vendor who wants to sell a property. The Agency® will arrange the presentation of the property in the market, all in order to establish a contact between the lessor and the lessee or the vendor and the buyer, i.e. perform the mediation services.

It will be considered that the Agency® rendered its mediation services in full when the contact between the lessor and the lessee or the buyer and the vendor is established, i.e. the lessee taken for a visit to the property or a meeting arranged between the buyer and vendor for execution of the sales contract after previous agreement.

Property Management

You have a holiday real estate in Ohrid, Berovo or Mavrovo and you don’t know whom to entrust it?

Than you are at the right place! We offer you a complete service around your property so that in future every thought to your second home will put a smile on your face and every residence in Macedonia will serve exclusively your recreation. Because of the permanently growing demand for reputable real estate services, we decided to expand our service so that we can be your direct contact for all questions around properties in Macedonia.

In the following you will find a small overview of the large spectrum of our property management service, which will cover everything from key keeping, over inspection and care up to renovation work. Out of this offer we will acquire a special individual Service package for you, which can be extended even for special wishes which are not in the catalogue!

Service List
Facility control (Skopje) - Standard package
Price: off 35€
  • - Weekly or monthly inspection of the object (examination of the property for damage, break-down, vandalism, parasite etc.)
  • - Recovery of acute damage locally
  • - Ventilation of the property, in order to prevent fungus growth
  • - Flushing and controlling of the water pipelines to prevent smell formations
  • - Collection of the mailings and forwarding
Garden work
Price: after agreement
  • - Garden work (cutting the hedges and the grass, fertilizing...)
  • - Keeping the property cultivates condition (eliminate dross...)
  • - Inspection of the irrigation plant
  • - Planting
Maintenance and repair work
Price: after agreement
  • - Emptying the waste water tanks
  • - Water and electricity meter reading
  • - Maintenance of the heating (order of oil, gas, wood...)
  • - Examination of the bulbs
  • - Cleaning and Maintenance of the pool
  • - Repair and renovation work (whitening, flowing, furnishing...)
Cleaning Service
Price: 8€/h
  • - Prior, end and basic cleaning of the object (floor and window cleaning, changing bedclothes, curtain and carpet cleaning, dirt laundry...)
Administration Service
Price: after agreement
  • - Payment of bills
  • - Regulation of the correspondence with authorities and insurance
  • - Translation your mailings in your home language
  • - Bookkeeping
  • - Procurement of Lawyers, craftsmen, interpreter etc.
Comfort Service
Price: after agreement
  • - Pickup Service from the airport
  • - Switching on of electrical equipment (Boiler, fridge, heating etc.)
  • - Buying service (you are telling us your order list and we are buying it and bringing it in your house, so that you can relax totally after arriving)
  • - Party service
Special Service
Price: after agreement
  • - Extra inspection after a storm, earthquake etc.
  • - Just Key holding without any other service - Price: 10€/Month
  • - Rental Service (not before 2009)

Enjoy your home in full courses. We worry about everything else!!!!!!

Services for Lessees or Buyers

You are looking for an adequate property? You want to save your valuable time and want to make this property lease or purchase as comfortable and organized as possible?

We are already for 9 years in service of our very satisfied customer, with serious respect we have earned during this time. Many clients have trust and faith in our services, so we hope to be able to greet you as our future clients.

Services rendered by the Agency® to the clients searching for properties:

  • - We enable a visit to any of the many properties from our data base;
  • - We will locate properties that fit your budget;
  • - We offer visual presentation of properties in your office;
  • - We will escort you during visits at site;
  • - We render all legal services and thereby give you legal security (see mode details under Legal Services);
  • - We will inform you about all legal duties you have as buyer of properties.

Our goal is to maintain the good reputation and references we earned so far and give our best for our clients to be satisfied with the package of our services. Contact our Customer relation department with full faith.

Services to Lessors or Vendors

Are you renting your house or apartment? Maybe you want to sell your property or land? Save your time, nerves and worries and let us to arrange this for you.

In our 9 years of work in this field, we have mediated in the renting and selling of a large number of properties in Skopje, Macedonia. Many of clients who were in the same situation as you are, have offered us their trust, so we hope to soon count you among the many of our satisfied clients.

For owners of properties, i.e. lessor or vendor, the Agency® will assure the following:

  • - An unofficial appraisal, i.e. opinion on the market value of the property;
  • - Visit to and documenting the property – description and pictures;
  • - Placing your property onto our web-site, with its detailed description and photos;
  • - Try to achieve the targeted price;
  • - Try to find a buyer in the shortest possible term for your property, so you can discuss details regarding sale and execute the sales contract;
  • - Review all documentation, warn regarding obvious deficiencies and advise how to complete the documentation for your property;
  • - Inform you as vendor about all legal duties on your side.

Our goal is to maintain the good reputation and references we earned so far and give our best for our clients to be satisfied with the package of our services. Contact our Customer relation department with full faith.

Legal Services

The Agency® offers to all its clients – lessors, lessees, buyers and vendors – complete legal services and aid, from review of documentation to contract preparation and registration of title and change of possession rights title.

Since for each client legal security represents a crucial factor and element in property trade, the documentation is double checked. The first review of all documents is by the owner of the Agency®, from where the entire file is transferred to the attorney at law, Ms. Irina Pendarovska, who is our proven partner, specialized in property, giving thus final legal accuracy with her experience.

Each purchase is an individual story, for this reason – in the legal sense, it is very important to react immediately and efficiently. Due to our years of experience and excellent contacts, our experienced team of professionals guarantees proper solution to each situation in the shortest possible term.

The Agency® will perform for all its clients:

  1. Review of documentation:
    • - Ownership certificate
    • - Building permission
    • - Possession certificate
    • - Cadastre excerpt
  2. Preliminary sales contract
  3. Final sales contract
  4. Application for registration of title
    • - Court’s fees
    • - Ownership certificate – sealed
  5. Tax authority
    • - Submission of contract for tax decision
  6. Cadastre authority
    • - Application for change of possession rights

We, the Agency® stand behind every of the above actions and we guarantee you full legal security!

Construction Services

Whether you want to renovate or annex another part to an existing object or you want to build a completely new building – we are able to help and assist you in the organization of all necessary procedures – from the beginning - providing the best notional solution to the very end of handing over the keys of the object.

Our consulting services will help you to easier implement your ideas and plans, as well as to choose the proper planner and Construction Company for your undertaking.

1. Architectural works

We are cooperating with the very best architectural office in Skopje, Macedonia, which is your first step when planning any renovation or construction works of objects. According to your instructions, our office will do the following:

  • Draft project design – defines the size, plan and design of the object. This draft is necessary for the location permission.
  • The location permission – is the first step in obtaining the construction documentation.
  • Main project design – this is a detailed construction design that will define the design of all floors, distribution of rooms, doors, windows, balconies… - this is a basic document to obtain the building permission.
  • Building permission – this is the final document that allows you to start the construction works.
  • Detailed construction project designs – detailed description of all parameters with cost estimate per position and material to be used.

2. Construction works

Construction Company – a good contractor must be chosen. Based on our experience we will offer you a choice of high quality, professional contractors. Construction companies will give a written proposal, enabling the investor to make a selection. The duties of the contractor are:

  • Construction works contract – executed between the contractor and investor. This contract defines all conditions of the construction works – like terms, materials, price of works, wooden, ceramic, sanitary inventory...
  • Supervision contract – a supervising engineer must be engaged for supervision of works and quality control, as well as to sign off the phases of construction progress.

3. Technical inspection
  • The technical inspection is the last phase in construction, after the entire object is completed. This inspection is done by an authorized administrative body, from the local urban development offices.
  • Usage permission – this permission is obtained after a successful technical inspection result
Company Setup
Incorporation of a Company

Besides the purchase of property in Macedonia as a natural person, foreign citizens can also incorporate a company in Macedonia and acquire properties on behalf of such company. In such a case the procedure of obtaining consent from the Ministry of justice is not applicable, which means that a foreign citizen owner of a company in Macedonia is given identical rights as any other Macedonian legal person.

Since the incorporation of a company shortens the procedure of acquiring ownership title, a part of foreign citizens decides to incorporate a company under Macedonian law, so that Agency® offers to all its foreign clients the services of incorporation of such a company in Macedonia. We offer this service to all foreign citizens, disregarding the fact if they will find a property through us or another agency or if they want to register a company in Macedonia for other business purposes.

The incorporation of a company takes 2-4 weeks. If you are physically present in Macedonia, we will guide and assist you through every step. If you are not present in Macedonia, this is not a problem, because we will submit you necessary powers of attorney, to be signed and verified in your country, based on which we can perform all activities on your behalf.

The costs of incorporation of a company are in total approx. 5.800 EURO, containing: tax, notary fees, administrative fees and the company ordinary capital which is currently cca. 308.000,00 MKD (5.000 EUR), as well as other costs towards the bank.

In case you want to incorporate a company in Macedonia, we offer fast and efficient services and will do this for you. Previously you must:

  1. Choose the name of the Company
    • - when choosing the name, keep in mind that it must be written and translated in Cyrillic letters;
    • - the company can also carry your own name (name, middle name, family name);
    • - the name must be exclusive in this region and approved by the notary public - therefore we propose to have at least three optional names.
  2. Have a copy of your passport verified.
  3. Have the powers of attorney verified before a notary public and the Apostille stamp.

That’s all, now you can leave the rest of this procedure to us - your real estate Agency® in Macedonia.

Interior Design

As a part of our premium services, the Agency® has signed a contract with the only interior design studio in Macedonia that utilizes the latest world-class software in interior design. You will have a choice of more than 100 options for furnishing and equipping your home or property with the furniture from Italy, Spain or Portugal.

Save time, money and energy, try our one-stop-shop and make your choice!

Finish the whole deal in our office with the real time pieces.

Immediately see how your brand new home will look like!